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Paper machine
Type: Fourdrinier machine with
topformer and film press
Construction year: 1985
Capacity: 45000 t/year
Machine width: trimmed width 2640 mm
Max. speed: 600 m/min
grammage range: 50 - 110 gsm
Capacity: 18000 t/year
Construction year: 2009
Max. speed: 500 m/min
Grammage: 80 gsm
Special equipment: Punching machine
Power plant
Type: cogeneration plant with superheated steam generator and single-stage back pressure steam turbine
Construction year: 2010/2011
Capacity: 16 t/hour steam, 1.0 MW electricity
Fuel: Pulverised lignite
Wastewater treatment plant
Type: biological wastewater treatment plant with moving bed reactor, clarifier and final clarifier
Construction year: 2002/2003

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